Women and Money – Interview with Belinda Rosenblum


Women and Money – Interview with Belinda Rosenblum

This week we talk with Belinda Rosenblum about women and money. We had a fascinating conversation with Belinda on this show about how the money issues of women differ from the money issues of men. She really is a magician with helping people overcome their money challenges.


Today’s Guest, Belinda Rosenblum Talks About Women and Money:

Belinda Rosenblum is a CPA and Wealth Expert who helps people take the worry and fear out of money. Most people struggle to stay ahead of their monthly bills… even if they have a high income. Belinda has a unique 4-part plan that helps you make the most of your money now and still allows you to save enough for retirement. She is the creator of the Money Makers Academy, Cashflow CEO, and the coauthor of SELF-WORTH TO NET WORTH: 12 Keys to Creating Wealth Inside and Out. These resources offer a step-by-step approach to help you build your financial self-esteem and manage your own financial life. If she’s not talking about financial freedom, Belinda is likely enjoying the sunshine and chasing after her marathon-running husband, college-bound step-daughter, and 2 spirited toddlers.

You can find out more about Belinda at www.ownyourmoney.com.

Discover exactly where you need to start if you want to take control of your money and your financial life. www.ownyourmoney.com/quiz.

Cashflow CEO – If you’re a business owner, check out her essential Cashflow CEO Dashboard right away by going to www.ownyourmoney.com/moneytree.

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/belindarosenblum

Twitter: @OwnYourMoney

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