Flipping Real Estate for Profit – Interview with Dominic Kirchner


Have you considered investing in real estate for extra income, as a career, or a hobby?

Think again…

This week we have Dominic Kirchner on our show to talk about flipping real estate for profit. Dominic has been successfully investing in real estate, flipping and rehabbing real estate for profit for over 17 years. This past year he did 50 fix and flips and he continues to grow each year.

Dominic talks about who his inspirations were… How to find great deals… The importance of having a good team… Why you need to stay in your lane… the importance of having a good exit strategy… and most importantly he talks about the current conditions of the real estate market and where he thinks it will go from here.

If you are a real estate investor, you don’t want to miss this week’s show.

If you are thinking of becoming a real estate investor… don’t miss this week’s show.

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We here are Money Tree Investing love talking with experts to get the inside scoop about investing. Wall Street tends to make everything look pretty. We don’t. We want the truth. That is what you can expect here.

On this week’s show, we also have a great group of panelists’ to discuss the topic of flipping properties for profit. After you hear what we have to say about flipping real estate for profit, you may want to reconsider your real estate investing plans.


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Today’s guest, Dominic Kirchner:

Dominic Kirchner is an expert real estate investor who has been successfully investing in real estate for the past 17 years (2002). He invests in a variety of ways, fix and flip, rehab, lending, buy and hold, wholesaling, etc. The true mark of an experienced real estate professional is one who has not only survived a real estate recession but who has thrived because of it. Dominic used 2008 as an opportunity to accelerate the growth of his real estate business to where he is today. This past year he completed 50 fix and flips and is on track to continue his growth.

Dominic is also a real estate agent and one of the top producing agents in his office. He specializes in deal structuring, negotiating and the paperwork required for both buying and selling a property. Dominic received his BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Northeastern University.

Website: www.hampdenhomebuyers.com



Today’s Panelists

Kirk Chisholm | Innovative Advisory Group

Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds

Mindy Jensen | Bigger Pockets

Anson Young | Anson on Bigger Pockets

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