Victor Sperandeo – Legendary Futures and Options Trader and Market Wizard


Victor Sperandeo – Legendary Futures and Options Trader and Market Wizard

Market Wizards Series of Investing Legends: Victor Sperandeo “Trader Vic”

Welcome to the first of a series of interviews with market wizards and investing legends. This week we interview Victor Sperandeo or “Trader Vic”. He is to Wall Street what Warren Buffett is to Main Street. Unless you are a student of the market you may have never heard of him, but you are in for a treat today.
Vic is a master trader of futures and options. He started an options firm, Ragnar Options Corp, and within 6 months it was the largest options OTC dealer in the world. He racked up a nominal rate of return of 70.7% annually without a losing year between 1978 and 1989. He famously predicted the 1987 stock market crash in a Barrons interview in September of 1987. He has worked with other legendary traders George Soros and Leon Cooperman. He has been featured in some best selling books such as “The New Market Wizards”, and “super traders”, and he has authored 3 books of his own detailing his investment philosophy. He was inducted into the trader hall of fame by Trader Magazine in 2008. Lastly, he has created 2 indexes and 3 methodologies for the futures markets.

Some of the topics we cover in today’s episode:

  • The evolution of Wall Street investing since 1968
  • Why his investing strategy was so successful
  • Trading Risk Management
  • The philosophy of reflexivity and how it affects the markets
  • The effects of High-Frequency Trading and technology on trading?

…and more.

Today’s show is hosted by Kirk Chisholm.



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