Thank You For Your Interest In My Free Money

I Need Your Help!

Our audience has been growing rapidly this past year. This is in large part because of our perspective on inflation and our outside the box thinking about investing and wealth. I love doing these shows and providing insight and guidance to our listeners 1-2 times a week. I also love getting feedback from our listeners with their questions about the market and investing.

I don't ask much of our audience, but I need to ask you this one favor. As we expand our show and the resources we provide to you as a loyal listener, we need to know more about you. I am doing our annual survey our of audience to better understand you.

Please complete this survey. It will take 5-10 minutes of your time. In exchange, I will send you some free money. Well, Zim Dollars or Bolivars to be precise (or a similar hyper inflationary currency if I run out). 

This is a great chance for you to help influence the direction of the show by providing insight and feedback.


BTW We live in a digital age where privacy is important. With my profession I need to be a privacy nut, and it helps that I already was one. I don't sell this information. This is strictly for the sole purpose of understanding the show demographics and how to provide you with better quality episodes.

I appreciate your continued support for the show. I hope you enjoy your free money gift.

Invest in your life...

Here is how you can help us.

  • First, Click on this link to go to our survey.
  • Second, Fill out the survey completely
  • Third, Make sure you put your name, address, and email on the form so we know where to send you the free money. If you do not provide a name and address, we will not know where to send the gift. If you just want to help out the show and don't want your free gift, you can leave the address blank.
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