About the show!

You are here to learn about investing. All kinds of investing. You’ll learn that here.

The Money Tree Investing Podcast brings you knowledge through interviews from people who are experts in their field. They come from a diverse background in the finance industry with the sole goal of providing you information about investing:

  1. From saving to spending
  2. From investing to inheritances
  3. From Bitcoin to bankruptcy

…and more.

The format:

The format is simple: One of four panelists interviews an expert about a money topic. Then the panel convenes to give their unique perspectives about that topic and personal experiences.

You get five perspectives in one.

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The history:

Launched August 6, 2014, Nick Kraakman from Value Spreadsheet interviewed Miranda Marquit from Planting Money Seeds (seems appropriate. The panel also included Andre Sather from eInvesting for Beginners and Larry Ludwig from Investor Junkie.

There have been others who have joined the panel, and many who have been special guest panelists.

You never know who will be on the show (it may be you, contact us here), but you’ll always be able to learn something about investing in your life.



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