MTI036: Broken Eggs Film – The Looming Retirement Crisis with Andrew Meadows

Co-producer Andrew Meadows from the new documentary Broken Eggs – The Looming Retirement Crisis, joins us this week to tackle America’s “three legged stool” (investing, pensions and social security). He exposes the flaws in each “leg” and we discuss potential solutions.

Our roundtable…against all odds….discusses the ways we all are attacking the retirement problem, and discuss all three pieces of the “stool” separately. Although Miranda had child issues and we didn’t know Andrew’s mic was over modulating….it’s still an entertaining and fun discussion about a serious topic….retirement planning.

Check out Broken Eggs Film here.

Topics Discussed

– Social Security

– Pensions

– Opt in vs. Opt out retirement plans

– The new MyRA

– Home as investment


Our Discussion Panel

Andrew Sather – eInvestingForBeginners

Andrea Travillian – TakeASmartStep

Miranda Marquit – PlantingMoneySeeds

Joe Saul-Sehy – Stacking Benjamins


  1. Trevor Ewen says:

    My thoughts and calculations on the magic of compound interest:

    If you save for 30 years, the first 15 are the important ones. Thanks for a great podcast.

    • The compounding interest is a very important subject but the illustrated 10 thousand set aside starting at 22 was extraordinarily unrealistic. Again, that said, the point is very important.

  2. What stood out to me about the film was the scene the where the father was helping out his son going to Georgetown HOWEVER he admitted onscreen that he had no funds [or very little] retirement funds. He was winging it. And it was especially ironic because his son [the one going to Georgetown] was more than a little aware of the problem facing his father and his mother. The word profligate came to mind regarding the father, the mother, and even the student. That is the unspoken problem that is not discussed and more than a little part of the problem.

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