MTI035: Q&A Listener Questions What to Do With Lump Sums


MTI035: Q&A Listener Questions What to Do With Lump Sums

Today is our inaugural questions and answers episode.  We take three questions from readers and answer them in great detail.

The questions were:

1. How would you go about investing a large windfall of money such as a million dollars, assuming you were young and had a steady income already.  We go over market timing, how long to wait before investing and how much cash is too much to have on hand.

2.  When saving for a house purchase in three to five years, where would you save that money.  Plus what are your thoughts on putting twenty percent down on the house.  There is some debate, but great conversation and answers.

3. As a Canadian investor, what are the top three significant factors that will impact gains when buying/selling outside of Canada.  We go into exchange rate, taxes, knowing the market and the possibility of bad records due to lax accounting laws.

If you have questions for a future episode, please visit our contact page and send us your questions.

Thank you for listening to the show!

Today’s Panelists

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