Black Swans: The US Pension Crisis: Abandonment of the Pensioner Interview with Rob Arnott


Black Swans: The US Pension Crisis: Abandonment of the Pensioner Interview with Rob Arnott

This week we interview Rob Arnott, Chairman and founder of Research Affiliates. We discuss his most recent paper, The COVID-19 Crash and the Abandonment of the Pensioner. He is on my must read list of investing writers.

We discuss why the US Pension Crisis is such a huge problem, how COVID exasperated the problem, the state of the states pension obligations, which states are well off and which are in trouble, and the possible solutions to solve the problem.

"In investing, What is comfortable is rarely profitable."     - Rob Arnott

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Today's Guest:  Rob Arnot

Rob Arnott is the founder and chairman of the board of Research Affiliates, a global asset manager dedicated to profoundly impacting the global investment community through its insights and products. He has been referred to as the "Godfather of Smart Beta" for his pioneering work on "The Fundamental Index." Rob has published more than 130 articles in such journals as the Journal of Portfolio ManagementHarvard Business Review, and Financial Analysts Journal, where he also served as editor in chief from 2002 through 2006. In recognition of his achievements as a financial writer, Rob has received seven Graham and Dodd Scrolls, awarded annually by CFA Institute to the top Financial Analysts Journal articles of the year. He also has received four Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy awards from the Journal of Portfolio Management. He is co-author of The Fundamental Index: A Better Way to Invest (Wiley 2008).

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