MTI099: Making Better Women Investors, with Ellen Jordan


MTI099: Making Better Women Investors, with Ellen Jordan

What you be done to improve the financial system for woman breadwinners in today’s world? Our guest, Ellen Jordan, talks about the problems she is seeing as a CFP and Senior Vice President at Bryn Mawr Trust and our panel discussions solutions.

Female breadwinners often challenge themselves extra responsibilities: Work, family, and household finances. Yet, studies have shown that men still process or make most of the investing transactions in the household.

It’s a huge source of anxiety.

Ellen Jordan says many women know how to address investing issues but just haven’t taken the time to get themselves up to speed with the working knowledge of what they should be doing.

What are some things women need to understand or do to make that next step to become investors? Listen to our panelists for more Money Tree goodness!

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