MTI100: Listener Letters about Bonds effecting Equities, how Credit Card Rewards are paid for, and more


Today we get together to answer YOUR questions:

Kevin wants to know if bonds are in for a “day of reckoning”. How do bonds effect equity valuations?

Paul wants to know if dollar cost averaging is a sustainable strategy all the way until retirement?

Drew would like to hear about the risk-reward profile of the Vanguard Ultra Short-Term Bond Fund. He has 10 years and looking for a low-risk investment with a higher yield than money markets.

Jeremiah wants to know how credit card companies pay for reward programs.

Taylor wants to break into finance and find a mentor. How do you go about it?

Steven has a sum of money saved in a taxable Betterment account. Now that he and his wife are in better positions career wise, would it make sense to put the money in his Schwab account?

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Today’s Panelists

Joe Saul-Sehy | Stacking Benjamins
Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds
Linda P. Jones | Be Wealthy And Smart
Doug Goldstein |

For a quick bio of each of our show participants, head on over to our panelists page.

Send us your questions for a future Listener Letters episode

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