MTI091: Listener Letters about Finding an Investment Mentor, Stock Target Prices, and Investing Too Much


Time again for our panel to answer your questions:

*Justin wants to know what analysts mean by a stock target price?
*Emily is worried she may be saving TOO much.
*Listener “Invest Passionately” wants to know the panel’s opinion of target date funds.
*Annie is hearing rumors and reports of an upcoming market crash. Is this a time to sell or sit tight?
*Alejandro wants to know how to find an investing mentor.
*Bridget comments about guaranteed minimum income, then asks if there is a role for mental imagery/visualization training to prevent people from pulling out of the market in a panic, similar to techniques athletes use in training?


Do you agree? Send us your questions for a future Listener Letters episode or comment below.


Today’s Panelists

Miranda “Mirandela” Marquit | Planting Money Seeds
Doug “Dougie” Goldstein | Goldstein on Gelt
Linda “Lindy” P Jones | Be Wealthy And Smart

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