MTI090: Peter Schiff on Government Regulation and Financial Troubles


MTI090: Peter Schiff on Government Regulation and Financial Troubles

Economist and stockbroker, Peter Schiff, wonders if we would have Jetsons-like lives if the government didn’t put so many regulations on business.

In today’s episode, we discuss inflation, regulation, and stagnation

“Who knows what extra inventions we would have come up with if we had less government. Who knows what diseases we would have cured if we didn’t have the FDA. If the government didn’t make it so expensive to develop cures, maybe we could have cured cancer by know. Who knows? We don’t know but I think we would have a much higher standard of living with less government regulation” – Peter Schiff

Our expert panel discussion topics:

Is the negative trade balance in America due to the fact that Americans don’t have so much to export to the rest of the world?

Can we continue to support Social Security in its current state?

Would less government make our lives better?

Listen to the panel as they review Peter Schiff’s positions and the role of government in our financial lives.


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Today’s Panelists

Doug Goldstein | Goldstein On Gelt
Barbara Friedberg | Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds
Joe Saul-Sehy | Stacking Benjamins

For a quick bio of each of our show participants, head on over to our panelists page.

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