Long-Term Tax Planning with Rick Rodgers and the Panel Talks about Tax-Free Investing


Long-Term Tax Planning with Rick Rodgers and the Panel Talks about Tax-Free Investing

On today’s show, Joe interviews CFP® Rick Rodgers about long-term tax planning strategies.

Mr. Rodgers describs the three legs of a tax-efficient retirement strategy:

  • Pre-tax
  • After-tax
  • Tax-free

There are many strategies and investment vehicles to choose from. How you use each of these in a tax-efficient manner can help you grow your wealth faster in the long run.

Then, after the interview, the panel comes on to discuss Social Security, municipal bonds, and year-end tax strategies that can help you can avoid being taxed on capital gains when expecting a loss in the market.

There’s lots to learn in this episode. Enjoy!


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Today’s guest, Rick Rodgers:

Rick Rodgers is a CFP®, CRPC®, and co-founder and president of Rodgers & Associates.

He started his profession at a large Wall Street firm in 1984 before founding Rodgers & Associates.

You can read more about him at rodgers-associates.com/team/rick-rodgers

Rick Rodgers has authored two books:

Today’s Panelists

Joe Saul-Sehy | Money in the Morning
Linda P. Jones | Be Wealthy and Smart
Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds on Facebook
Doug Goldstein | Profile-Financial.com

For a quick bio of each of our show participants, head on over to our panelist’s page.

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