Investing and Intellectual Property with Attorney Daniel Goldstein


Investing and Intellectual Property with Attorney Daniel Goldstein

Why is knowing about intellectual property important for normal investors?

A patent gives you a specific right in a given country. It give the right of exclusivity to sell the item or device, build the device, or import it into the country.

A great name, they offer something exclusive, or a company that works hard and offers an excellent product or service. A patent can be placed on any one of these things to bring something unique to an investor.

Dr. Daniel Goldstein also explains the complications of patents in other countries, how somebody gets a patent, and the difference between trade secret and patent rights.

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Today’s guest, Dr. Daniel Goldstein:

Dr. Daniel Goldstein is a senior patent attorney at Sanford T. Colb & Co. He is a licensed attorney in Israel, and is additionally licensed to practice before the Israel and US patent offices.

Daniel and his team prepare and prosecute patent applications in various fields, including medical devices, mechanical devices, software, and others.

To contact Dr. Daniel Goldstein, go to


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