Where to Invest Today


Where to Invest Today

The markets are at all time highs, the US Federal Government is printing 1.9 Trillion dollars with the government bailout, and the Federal Reserve has virtually said they are going to print money until they run out of paper. 

Where should you invest your money today?

That is the question on everyone's mind. We discuss some areas your should be looking at and where the market is changing that you might not be aware.

Barbara Friedberg penned a great article, Where to invest in an overvalued market.

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Looking for a better way to invest? 

Consider Betterment.

It doesn’t cost much to start, and you get access to a portfolio built around your risk tolerance and your goals. Using Modern Portfolio Theory, pioneered by a Nobel laureate, Betterment can help you build wealth without getting caught up in the noise of the market.

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