The Social Investing Network Interview With David McDonough


The Social Investing Network Interview With David McDonough

Finally... A social media platform geared towards investing. The millennials and Genz will be thrilled. But will Gen X the boomers follow?
This is an interesting way to invest where you can follow other investors and track their returns. We dive in to find out why this approach works and how other investors can learn from others.

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Today's Guest:  David McDonough

David is the founder and CEO of Commonstock, a broker-agnostic social platform dedicated to improving the world's investing knowledge. He first became interested in investing after graduating into the 2008 financial crisis and starting an investment club as a way to learn about investing and to save money for medical school. He then became an investment analyst at Greenspring Associates while teaching himself how to code and build websites in his freetime. Building on his VC and engineering experience, David joined Google. He then started coding a side project—what laid the groundwork for Commonstock—to discuss trades, share knowledge, and invest with his friends. David grew up on Capitol Hill in DC and studied politics and international relations with a pre-medical focus at Trinity College.-

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