The Energy Crisis No One Is Talking About


The Energy Crisis No One Is Talking About

This week we have Doomberg join us, the prolific writer behind the Doomberg Substack, a renowned for insightful commentary and analysis on global energy dynamics and the current energy crisis under the surface. Doomberg's expertise delves deep into the complexities of the energy sector, exploring the intricate intersections of geopolitics, technology, and sustainability. We discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of energy. In this episode we'll discuss: 

  • How anonymity in online discussions allows for a focus on ideas rather than personal attacks.
  • Political polarization influences energy policy, impacting decisions on fossil fuels and renewables.
  • Technological advancements, like shale extraction and renewable energy, are transforming energy production and consumption.
  • Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East disrupting energy markets.
  • The debate on clean energy, including nuclear power, is reshaping the energy landscape.
  • Climate change is driving innovation and investment in renewable energy solutions.
  • Comprehensive energy policies are needed to address sustainability and equity issues.
  • How the 2024 US election will impact of the future of the energy crisis. 

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Today's Guest:  Doomberg

The Green Chicken (aka Doomberg) has established itself as the most widely read finance newsletter on Substack, ranking as the #1 paid newsletter in the world in the highly competitive Finance category on the platform. The anonymous team behind Doomberg built their careers in heavy industry and private equity, running large R&D and finance teams. They advise senior executives and family offices, delivering clarity on complex science- and energy-related problems and connecting dots in a way that aides investment decision-making. With the tagline “Energy is Life,” Doomberg is a fervent believer that the path function matters in the energy transition, and there is no solution without trade-offs. 

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