MTI045: Hedge Fund ETFs with Ethan Powell of Highland Capital Management


Hedge funds inside of an ETF? Ethan Powell is Chief Product Strategist and Executive Vice President at Highland Capital Management in Dallas, Texas. He shares insights into how hedge funds work and how they’ve managed to squeeze them into exchange traded funds. We discuss who this type of product is best for, and where it should fit in your portfolio.

During our roundtable portion of the podcast, our normal crew of Andrew, Miranda, Andrea and Joe discuss risk in the portfolio. Is this the type of product they’d use to control risk?


Show Notes:

The ETFs We Discuss

Highland HFR Global ETF (NYSE: HHFR)
Highland HFR Event Driven ETF (NYSE: DRVN)
Highland HFR Equity Hedge ETF (NYSE: HHDG)

Highland Funds Website

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