Do You Have Mindful Money? These Simple Habits Can Improve Your Odds Of Money Success


Do You Have Mindful Money? These Simple Habits Can Improve Your Odds Of Money Success

This week we interview Jonathan Deyoe about mindful money and 5 tips that you can use today for better financial health

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Today's Guest:  Jonathan DeYoe

Jonathan is a Lutheran Seminarian turned Buddhist Academic turned Financial Advisor turned Financial Educator and Coach. He has been investing for over four decades and helping families create financial plans and build wealth for almost 30 years. He and his brother, David, shared a vision of making good advice more accessible and after his brother’s tragic death in 2021, Jonathan committed Mindful Money to pursuing the goal they shared... and blending do-it-yourself knowledge and coaching with mindfulness training. He merged his wealth management team into a national planning-focused client-first firm (EP Wealth) and pivoted Mindful Money to help the “rest of us.” Today, Mindful Money provides financial education and financial coaching to people who don’t meet the usual $500,000 account minimums (most of us). Jonathan believes some advisors are instrumental to a family’s long-term financial success, but admits that most people don’t have access and most advisors are too focused on investments and NOT focused enough on client goals and planning. He does all his work at the intersection of love and money and believes everyone is capable of building family wealth with a few simple practices. He is the international best-selling author of 2 books: 1. Mindful Money: Simple Practices for reaching your Financial Goals and increasing your Happiness Dividend 2. Mindful Investing: Right Focus, Better Outcome, Greater Well-Being. He hosts two popular money podcasts: 1. Mindful Money – about money and financial issues facing the middle-class, and 2. Mindful Wealth – about wealth in today’s social context.

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Today's Panelists

Barbara Friedberg | Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
Douglas Heagren |  Pro College Planners

Kirk Chisholm  | Innovative Advisory Group

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