Market Monday: How to Protect Yourself In This Market, The Coronavirus, Lebanon Debt Default, and Fed Manipulation – March 8 2020

Welcome to our first Market Monday where we discuss what happened last week, what to expect next week and to help put the market into perspective. Last week was a crazy one… just like the week before. Will this continue?

We talk about how to look at the market with an unbiased lens, how to not lost your mind while others are losing theirs, the bond market, the Lebanon bond default, the spike in the VIX and what it means, the coronavirus (COVID-19), economic conditions, black swan events, fed manipulation and more…

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Today’s Panelists


  1. Steven Scott says:

    I enjoy the show and have benefited from listening to it. Thank you. However, I will take my direction on how to respond to coronavirus from Dr. Fauci, not the panelists on this episode. An 80 year old going to Disneyland? No thanks, I will spend time closer to home. Sure, there is an element of hysteria to some people’s reaction to COVID-19, but the coronavirus pandemic is not a hoax.

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