Leveraging Your Credit, Credit Repair and Travel Hacking Interview with Yan Stavasski


Yan shows us how he managed to build a 7 figure business with very few resources. He teaches us how to leverage your credit, travel hack and repair your credit. This is a very interesting episode where we learn many simple and easy tips and tricks of credit repair, travel hacking and how he used the system to create an ideal lifestyle with very few resources.

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Today's Guest: Yan Stavasski

Yan is a 25-year old credit and travel hacker who went from being in $82,000 worth of cc debt just 3 years ago to running a 7-figure company by the age of 25. He did this all while traveling to 47 countries for nearly free. Yan’s philosophy is all about leveraging credit to produce cash flow and travel hack your way to freedom without spending any money doing so

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