Striking Gold By Investing In Laundromats


Striking Gold By Investing In Laundromats

Today, we're chatting with Jordan Berry, who went from being a pastor to striking gold investing in laundromats. His journey's a rollercoaster, from dreaming of Hawaii to diving into the world of laundry. Jordan shares the highs and lows, from snagging laundromats to facing unexpected hurdles. We'll talk about why he made the leap, the perks of laundromat life, and his tips for budding entrepreneurs. Plus, Jordan dishes on what's shaking up the laundry business and where it's headed. Get ready for a lively chat on thriving in the world of laundromat entrepreneurship with Jordan Berry!

Today we'll talk about: 

  • The transition from pastoral vocation to laundromat entrepreneurship.
  • The allure of passive income and financial freedom in the laundromat industry.
  • Navigating the complexities of acquiring and managing laundromats.
  • Overcoming setbacks and failures on the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Emerging trends and innovative strategies in the laundromat industry.
  • Practical advice and resources for aspiring laundromat entrepreneurs.
  • The future of the laundromat business and its potential for growth and profitability.
  •  Jordan's vision for the future of laundromat entrepreneurship and its impact on aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Today's Guest:  Jordan Berry

Jordan was a pastor for 15 years and transitioned out of full-time ministry into buying a laundromat. His experience buying his first laundromat was not a good one. Instead of replacing his salary, as he expected, his laundromat lost $2,000 dollars per month for well over a year. Desperate to find help to turn his business around, he frantically searched for someone to guide him to profitability. He found no rescue. After finally stopping the bleeding, he decided to share the hard-earned (and expensive) lessons he learned on a blog. And then on a YouTube channel. And then, on a quest to find out how the best laundromat owners operated their businesses, he started a podcast interviewing laundromat owners and other industry professionals. These platforms turned into Laundromat Resource, an education and community platform for laundromat owners and future laundromat owners to learn, share best practices, and connect with one another.

Jordan's Online Presence:

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