Insider Information In The Real Estate Market an Interview With Tim Whalen


Insider Information In The Real Estate Market an Interview With Tim Whalen

This week we get some insider information in the real estate market from our interview with Tim Whalen. You need to hear this if you own real estate. It is starting to happen and I'm glad I made the changes to my portfolio last year before this came about. Great insights this week from Tim. Join us to hear what he thinks will happen next.

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Today's Guest:  Tim Wallen

Tim Wallen is a Principal, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and he sits on the investment committee for MLG. Tim joined MLG in 1989 as the Chief Financial Officer and Principal. In 2000, he assumed the role of CEO. He serves on the Board of Directors, and he is an Officer for the MLG Affiliation of Companies, including MLG Capital, MLG Development and MLG Management. As CEO, Tim remains committed to and involved with the integral day-to-day functions of the investment and development teams. This includes involvement in long-term and short-term business strategies, the creation of innovative debt financing structures, and the development of complex partnership structures. Prior to joining MLG, Tim was a Tax Manager with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in San Francisco and Milwaukee. He specialized in income tax planning for partnerships and corporations in the real estate industry. In 1989, he transferred to the Milwaukee office where he was promoted to the position of manager. Tim is a Certified Public Accountant with a master’s degree in Accounting with a tax concentration and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Tim is a member of the World Presidents Organization. He is on the Board of Lifesong for Orphans, which provides orphan care for over 8,000 children and has provided financial assistance for over 8,000 adoptions. Tim helped establish Positive Programs for Families (HOOPS 4 KIDZ), for which he served as Treasurer, and was previously on the Board of Directors. Tim previously served on the Board of Directors for First Business Bank of Milwaukee and is now on their advisory board. Tim has been instrumental in the acquisition of over 35 million square feet of investment properties and over 30,000 apartment units across the nation. With Tim’s guidance, MLG has also developed 17 business parks with over 3,500 acres of land and 43 residential communities. Tim and his wife Julie have eight children. He’s passionate about family, traveling, golf and skiing. Tim loves to live the MLG core value of “Making A Difference While Making a Living”.

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Douglas Heagren |  Pro College Planners

Kirk Chisholm  | Innovative Advisory Group

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