Creating Cash Flow with Jack Bosch


Creating Cash Flow with Jack Bosch

Traditional thinking, as described by the industry and promoted by media, is to save in retirement accounts and live off of Social Security in your golden years.

Jack Bosch describes this as “The Pile of Money Theory”: Work until you are age 65, put 10 percent of your income to the side, and by retirement you will have saved up enough to live without running out of cash.

Jack proposes the “Cash Flow for Life” approach: Money that comes in from the investments you have built such as:

  • Dividend stocks
  • Royalty payments
  • Business investments
  • Real estate

Listen as Jack shares his story out of debt, the strategies they used to generate income, and ultimately purchase assets that provide him Cash Flow for Life.

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Today’s guest, Jack Bosch:

Jack Bosch is Managing Director at Orbit Investments, LLC. He has done over 3800 real estate transactions and currently hold a portfolio of properties in the Land, Single Family Home, commercial, as well as large multi-family and hospitality areas.

Over the last few years Jack and his team have expanded the business from flipping properties to syndicating large multi-family property acquisitions that provide steady and above average cash flow for the investors participating in the investments.

Find more about Jack’s services at his website,, or register for his online training course at


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