Choosing Real Estate Syndications Over Technology Due Diligence Investing Secrets


Choosing Real Estate Syndications Over Technology Due Diligence Investing Secrets

Have you considered investing in real estate syndications?

They can be a great way to invest if you do your due diligence properly.

Learn the secret questions to ask real estate syndicators to make sure it is a good investment for you. Are you focusing on financial offense or financial defense? Vetting values and more...

Barbara Friedberg penned an article about being an accredited investor

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Looking for a better way to invest? 

Consider Betterment.

It doesn’t cost much to start, and you get access to a portfolio built around your risk tolerance and your goals. Using Modern Portfolio Theory, pioneered by a Nobel laureate, Betterment can help you build wealth without getting caught up in the noise of the market.

Today's Guest:  Spencer Hilligross

Spencer Hilligoss is a full time real estate investor and former tech leader who walked away from a lucrative career of 13 years just five months before the pandemic. 


Now, Spencer makes it easy and simple for passive investors to invest in large, cash flowing real estate properties that are already stable and profitable -- such as apartments and self storage - in the strongest growth markets across the US. 

By investing in these real assets, Spencer helps investors add new monthly income streams and grow their wealth. 


His company, Madison Investing, has closed on real estate totaling more than 6000 units for more than $800M.  


As a technology leader, Spencer built a 13 year track record of growing high-performing teams across five companies - three of them, "unicorns" - valued at more than $1B. 

In November 2019, Spencer “retired” from his lucrative tech career - leaving behind the $4B loan origination teams he built at LendingHome, funding 600 fix/flip transactions per month. Now, he is focused on spending time with loved ones and growing Madison Investing by helping passive investors achieve their goals.

Spencer's Online Presence:

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