Wall Street Secret #714: Why Active Investing Underperforms


Wall Street Secret #714: Why Active Investing Underperforms

Have you noticed that Active investing tends to underperform? 

This is one of those non-secret secrets. What is not typically known is why this is the case. Most people claim it is due to fees, but this is not true. Fees only contribute to part of the tracking error. This week's Wall Street Secret dives into why this happens and what you can do to prevent it in your portfolio.

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Today's Guest:  Timothy Baker

Tim Baker, CFA is the Founder & CEO of Metric Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to helping clients lower costs and improve results through factor investing. Prior to starting Metric, Mr. Baker held product development and strategy roles at a number of firms, including, among others, BlackRock/iShares. There he held numerous roles, most poignantly as a Product Strategist in the firm’s Smart Beta Exchange Traded Fund group. He graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1994 with a degree in Political Science. He is a CFA charter holder and has experience in the financial industry dating back to 1996. Founded in 2018, Metric Financial, LLC is registered as an Investment Adviser with the State of Connecticut. Led by Chartered Financial Analyst Timothy Baker, the firm provides investment management services, comprehensive financial planning, debt management, estate planning, retirement planning, risk management and tax planning, among others. Baker conducts frequent educational sessions and public seminars on a variety of financial topics of interest to schools, business groups, and associations. For more information, please visit www.metricfin.com or call 860.256.5895.

Timothy's Online Presence:

Today's Panelists

Barbara Friedberg | Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
Douglas Heagren |  Pro College Planners
Megan Gorman | The Wealth Intersection

Kirk Chisholm  | Innovative Advisory Group

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