Recommended Tools

All of these tools we recommend from our own experiences and believe they will help you become a better investor.

We stand by all the services we recommend them. Check them all out.


The Sather Research eLetter

The first investing publication to track a real money portfolio for 40 years. Turning $150 a month into $1 million. Implementation of the Value Trap Indicator with each monthly stock recommendation.

Personal Capital

A FREE financial aggregator that allows you to see all of your investment accounts in one location. Unlike which just focuses on budgeting, Personal Capital helps plan for retirement. Optionally, they have financial advisor service that can help you manage your portfolio.


The long-term leader in mutual fund and stock research. They take the approach of value investing and can’t be matched in terms of historical data.


With over 350,000 of fundamental economic indicators and research tools that are tough to beat. An alternative to a Bloomberg Terminal without the cost.


Trade stocks and options at $4.95/trade. Great customer service and online education section for new options traders.


Get up to six months free of their service. The no brainer way to invest without having to worry about asset allocation, and Modern Portfolio Theory. Just create your goal and Betterment will give the best recommendation of how much to save per month, and the chances of meeting your goal.

Books We Like

The Millionaire Fastlane


The Intelligent Investor

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The Essays of Warren Buffett

Margin of Safety

The Four Pillars of Investing

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

The Intelligent Asset Allocator

The Creature from Jekyll Island

Free To Choose

Rich as a King