Wall Street Walkers: Build Wealth Without the Stock Market


Wall Street Walkers: Build Wealth Without the Stock Market

Let’s be real. Stock funds are probably your best bet. This re-broadcast of MTI panelist Miranda Marquit’s podcast, Adulting.TV with Harlan Landes, presents other ideas for investing to build wealth.

This special presentation of Adulting.tv, originally aired on November 9, 2017 at https://adulting.tv/ep/a097-build-wealth-without-stocks


Today’s episode is sponsored by BUZZ Index


About the BUZZ Index

Ever wonder if there were a way to capitalize on all of that online chatter made by millions of investors on social media? Well, your wait is over, because now advances in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies are at your fingertips…. even if you personally don’t use social media! The BUZZ Index, licensed to an exchange traded fund and trading under ticker symbol BUZ, provides investors with a portfolio of securities that delivers a basket of large cap U.S. equities exhibiting the highest degree of positive investor sentiment. No surveys. No guessing. BUZ only tracks what’s volunteered – and if you ARE online, you know that a lot of information is volunteered: millions of posts, comments and blogs are analyzed each month!

Here’s how it works:. First, BUZZ targets the most mentioned large cap U.S. stocks across the Social Media landscape. The more active the conversation, the greater the reliability of the BUZZ.

Each of the most-mentioned stocks is then given an insight score based on BUZZ’s proprietary analytics and the 75 stocks with the most Bullish scores are included in the Index. Each month the BUZZ is tracked to capture the latest Big Data driven insights and then the 75 companies with the most Bullish scores are selected, positioning BUZZ to capture the highest return potential.

Invest in the wisdom of crowds. Visit MoneyTreePodcast.com/BUZZ for more information.

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