The Power of Patterns: How This Technical Analysis Model Shapes Investment Strategies


The Power of Patterns: How This Technical Analysis Model Shapes Investment Strategies

Today we welcome Joseph Furnari to the show to discuss his technical analysis model for investment strategies. By combining fundamental knowledge with technical insights, Joe has crafted a simple yet effective model that prioritizes key indicators such as stock price, moving averages, and trend patterns to predict future performance while minimizing complexity. Joe's journey exemplifies a disciplined and systematic approach to investing, guided by a deep understanding of both fundamental principles and technical analysis techniques, driving ongoing research and refinement to optimize portfolio performance. Today we discuss: 

  • The importance of technical analysis for investors seeking a robust methodology.
  • Joe's frustrations with common investor mistakes led him to explore technical analysis.
  • How Joe's technical analysis model focuses on key indicators such as stock price, 10-day, and 200-day moving averages, aiming for simplicity and effectiveness.
  • How through meticulous backtesting spanning over 50 years, Joe refined his model to accurately predict market movements and optimize investment decisions.
  • The methodology that involves owning individual stocks, with a screening process to identify top opportunities guided by Joe's model's logic.
  • How risk management in Joe's model is primarily based on technical analysis indicators, with sell rules designed to mitigate potential losses and optimize returns.

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Today's Guest:  Joseph Furnari

Joe Furnari has an MBA and investment experience dating back to the 1990’s. Joe also has an Engineering background and is a data science enthusiast. He has developed a new stock investment model based on using technical analysis to enhance investment performance. Joe shares how to apply this model in his groundbreaking book, "Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market.” 

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