Tax Lien Investing With The Tax Lien Lady – Joanne Musa


Tax Lien Investing With The Tax Lien Lady – Joanne Musa

This week we discuss tax lien investing opportunities with Joanne Musa, the Tax Lien Lady. 

There are enormous potential gains in in tax liens if you know where to look. We discuss where to look in this episode. Wall Street has squeezed most of the profits out of tax liens, but they have missed a few areas and that is where you need to look. We outline that for you here on this episode.

Joanne Musa

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Today's Guest:  Joanne Musa

Joanne Musa, known online as the Tax Lien Lady, is author of the books "The
Truth About Tax Lien Investing," and the Amazon best seller "Tax Lien Investing
Secrets: How You Can 8-36% Return on Your Money Without The Typical Risk
Of Real Estate Investing Or The Uncertainty Of The Stock Market," and a
contributing author to the Amazon Best Seller “Trust Your Heart: Transform
Your Ideas Into Income.”
She has been featured in the online magazines NuWire Investor and Foreclosure
News Report. She has also been featured on real estate investing web sites, and . She
was mentioned in the January 2013 issue of Forbes Magazine.
Known online as the Tax Lien Lady, her articles on tax lien and tax deed investing
appear all over the Internet. Her easy to follow step-by-step guides to investing in
tax lien certificates and tax deeds have earned her the reputation of being the
most trusted authority on tax lien investing in the U.S.
Through her web site , she has helped thousands of
investors around the world, answering their questions about investing in tax lien
certificates and tax deeds, and helped her subscribers and students to profit from
this little known and misunderstood real estate investing strategy.

Joanne's Online Presence:

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