Sustainable, IMPACT, & ESG Investing – Is It A Good Strategy For Your Money


Sustainable, IMPACT, & ESG Investing – Is It A Good Strategy For Your Money

This week we interview Eddy Soffer from Interactive Brokers. We discuss Sustainable, IMPACT, and ESG Investing. ESG investing is a hot area right now. Individuals and companies are all chipping in to give their opinion on the pros, cons and thinking behind this trend.

Join us this week as we have a good discussion about ESG investing and how it will impact your wealth.

Eddy Soffer

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Today's Guest:  Eddy Soffer

Eddy Soffer is ESG manager at Interactive Brokers. In his role, Eddy helps in leading Interactive Brokers’ ESG strategy & planning through the development of sustainable trading products, while also supporting the incorporation of ESG fundamentals and reporting frameworks into the firm. Eddy has made significant contributions in the creation and development of IMPACT, a values-aligned trading platform for the modern investor. Having Middle Eastern roots while growing up in Mexico and in the US, Eddy had a unique upbringing. This inspired him to create a tool that brings investors together from around the world by allowing them to express themselves through their investments. Working alongside William Peterffy, Board Director of Interactive Brokers, they imagined a platform that would connect the dots between people’s financial decisions and their values. IMPACT joins Eddy’s financial background and his personal passion for ESG. “It is very gratifying to watch the ESG investment movement continue to grow as a new generation looks to invest with their values. At Interactive Brokers, we are accelerating this movement by connecting conscious investors with companies that share their values not just for their own betterment, but for the world around them as well.” – Eddy Soffer

Eddy has an extensive 15+ years financial services background with roles ranging from relationship management and sales to business strategy. He developed an affinity for sustainability while previously serving at Brown Brothers Harriman, where he created the firm’s ESG initiatives through the development of a global strategy across all of its business lines. Eddy’s commitment to sustainability is a way of life and he is constantly finding ways to make societal and environmental impacts through his work and personal time. He is a member of UJA’s Pride & Diversity, Action and Justice Committees helping to fund a myriad of DE&I projects and organizations. Eddy holds a BA in political science from New York University and an MBA in International Business & MA in International Relations from George Washington University. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew and conversational in Arabic and French. He constantly seeks to create human connections, loves to discover new places, and is passionate about traveling to the Middle East and Latin America. Eddy’s diverse background and cultural experiences continue to fuel his career passions and advocacy for more inclusive societies and communities.

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