Dynamics of Running a Family Office For Wealthy Families


Dynamics of Running a Family Office For Wealthy Families

Ron Diamond

Are you worth 500 million or more? 

Yup, me too... in Venezuelan Bolivars.

However, if you are worth more than 500 million in US dollars, you might want to consider setting up and running a family office to take care of you vast wealth so you can go about enjoying life. 

Managing and running a family office is no picnic. It is a tremendous responsibility. 

So this week we interview Ron Diamond about the dynamics of running a family office. You can get a sneak peak into how the other half lives.

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Today's Guest:  Ron Diamond

Longtime investor and entrepreneur Ronald Diamond is the Founder and Chairman of Diamond Wealth. He represents over 100 Family Offices ranging in size from $250 million and $30 billion. Diamond Wealth invests in private markets (private equity, venture capital, real estate). In addition, Diamond Wealth has divisions that focus on philanthropy, wealth transfer, investment banking, social impact, and governance. Ronald serves on the Advisory Board of 10 privately held companies and acts as Chairman for 4 of them. Ronald is also the Chair of two TIGER 21 chapters in Chicago and Chairs a newly created Family Office Group for TIGER 21.A frequent speaker at Family Office and Alternative Investment Conferences, Diamond has spoken at over 100 conferences around the globe. Mr. Diamond is also the Founder of Family Office World — (www.familyofficeworldpodcast.com) a podcast whose mission is to educate the market about Family Offices. Earlier in his career, Mr. Diamond founded Pinnacle Capital — a $250 million hedge fund that outperformed the S & P index 10 out of 10 years — before ultimately selling his company to an international investment firm. Previously, Diamond served as a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns. He began his career as an analyst at Drexel Burnham Lambert. Deeply committed to giving back, Diamond is an active philanthropist and civic leader. He serves on the Leadership Circle of the Aspen Institute and sits on the Board of several other charities and non profit organizations in his community. Diamond studied at Northwestern University, graduating Magna Cum Laude and earning his degree in Economics. 

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