The Risk Management Process – How Experts Manage Risk Interview With Kelly Coughlin


Are you worried about risk in your portfolio? ​

If you are not worried about risk you should be. If you are worried about risk, this show will discuss how to think about risk management with your investments.

This week we discuss how to create a risk management process with 3 essential elements that many financial institutions miss. Kelly Coughlin refers to this as making sure your investments have TLC. Great tips from a former insider.

risk management process

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Today's Guest:  Kelly Coughlin

Kelly Coughlin is recognized and praised in the tax, accounting and finance industries for his ability to solve complex business problems frequently through removing the noise and simplifying and solving the problem at hand. Being clear, concise and credible is Kelly’s standard operating procedure. Kelly’s colleagues have said “Kelly is frequently the smartest guy in the room, but he never broadcasts it. He demonstrates it through acumen, insight and analysis.”

Kelly is chief executive of both EveryDayCPA, a business strategy, tax, accounting and risk management firm; and founder of Tax Resolution Help Center, an education platform for taxpayers to remove, reduce and resolve tax debt themselves. In addition to tax and accounting topics, he loves to talk about business strategy, business startup and business exit. Business failures and mistakes is a topic he loves…partly because he has made so many mistakes and partly because he is a lousy athlete. Kelly believes that business competition is the only way he can effectively compete, fail, and win, baby, win! 

Kelly is a CPA with an MBA from Babson College in Massachusetts. He studied accounting at the University of Minnesota and has a BA from Gonzaga University. Many years ago, wanting to be a James Bond spy, he studied Russian at Middlebury Language school in Monterey, CA. Kelly worked with PWC and multiple Lloyds Bank subsidiaries. He also founded, managed and sold a financial technology company in 2012. He describes himself as a Sun Tzu business strategist and a Michael Porter business tactician.

Kelly currently hosts the podcast program, EveryDayCPA, On Your Side, Every Day, and is available for live and recorded audio and video interviews.

Kelly's Online Presence:

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