Secrets of The Rich #12: Qualified Small Business Stock 1202 – $10 Million or More in Capital Gains Tax Free


This week we interview David French about another advanced planning strategy for our series, Secrets Of The Rich Episode #12, Qualified Small Business Stock 1202. Sounds interesting? Yawn. 

What if I told you you could sell your business tax free up to $10 million (or more)... Now are you interested? Yes... Me too.

This is a great episode for business owners who are looking to save on taxes when they sell their business. Join us to learn about this elusive tax secret of the rich.

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Today's Guest:  David French

David French is a CPA and entrepreneur with a passion for providing individuals and business owners the invaluable insight they need to navigate the complex tax code. His business, David French & Associates, is a tax strategy and CPA firm located in Austin, Texas, that works with companies earning $2M+ revenue and individual clients who have $5M+ net worth. The company is focused on helping serial entrepreneurs and business leaders create generational wealth.

David's Online Presence:

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