Tax Loopholes Of The Rich: Economic Opportunity Zone Investments – An Insider’s View With Brandon Lacoff


Tax Loopholes Of The Rich: Economic Opportunity Zone Investments – An Insider’s View With Brandon Lacoff

Are you looking at economic opportunity zone investments for your capital gains?

This episode is for you

Want to know how the rich take advantage of the tax code to grow their wealth?

This episode is for you

Not familiar with what I'm talking about?

Put on your earphones and listen to this interview with industry insider, Brandon Lacoff, who tells us exactly what to look for when considering an economic opportunity zone fund. If you are looking to defer your capital gains with this new secret part of the tax code. Join us for another episode in our Tax Loopholes of the Rich series.

Don't let the tax tail wag the investing dog.

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Today's Guest:  Brandon Lacoff

Mr. Brandon Lacoff is currently the CEO and Founder of the Belpointe REIT which is the first public Opportunity Zone REIT in the country. Mr. Lacoff is also the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Belpointe, a private equity investment firm.  Mr. Lacoff was the Co-Founder of Belray Capital, a Greenwich, Connecticut based real estate and investment firm, which was acquired by Belpointe in 2011. Belpointe is known for its luxury condominium developments and its class A apartment communities.  Belpointe owns several operating businesses, including Belpointe Asset Management LLC, a financial asset management firm that manages over $1 billion in tradable securities. Mr. Lacoff and its executive team bring financial strength, operational expertise and investing discipline to its portfolio of investments.  Mr. Lacoff holds a Juris Doctor degree and a Master’s of Business Administration from Hofstra University and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Syracuse University. 

Brandon's Online Presence:

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