MTI135: Listener Questions Early Retirement, Investing in ETFs and When to Pay Down Your Mortgage


MTI135: Listener Questions Early Retirement, Investing in ETFs and When to Pay Down Your Mortgage

Answering listener questions about investing on today’s episode:

Matthew from Australia is 27 years old, has no debt, and plans to retire in the next 20-25 years. He deposited $150k into three ETFs: The S&P 500, All World, and ASX200 (Australian version of the S&P). He plans to deposit $40k annually and re-invest all dividends for the next 20 years, expecting a 10-12% return. Is there anything else Matthew can do to boost his investment strategy or is this the best a passive investor can do?

Dave is frustrated with one aspect of the MTI podcast: It is a question of buying individual stocks – or not. The panel appears to be split with Linda and Joe saying it’s okay if you use a small percentage of your overall net worth and you have a plan while Miranda says to just index. He is most confused by Doug’s position and wants more explanation of his position.

Dwight just got a raise. He and his wife are already saving 10% of their income in 401(k)s, saving for kids’ college, and are 4 years into a 30-year mortgage. Would it make sense for them to put this new found money into paying down the mortgage, refinancing the house to a 15-year loan (incurring closing costs), or put it in the 401(k)?

Lynn recently made her first investment via indexing and ETFs. How does her time-frame for using the money affect her future contributions?

Jason has a question about picking ETFs when you only have a small amount of money per month to invest. Aren’t the costs of buying small amounts of ETFs eating away at his returns? Why pick ETFs over mutual funds?

Captain Evan is a 31yr old planning to take 5yrs off to sail around the world. He has equity in multi-family rentals netting $3k per month cashflow plus very sizable reserves. Also, $500k in a taxable brokerage accounts paying good dividends. If you were in his shoes, what would the ideal portfolio mix look like?

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Today’s Panelists

Linda P. Jones | Be Wealthy and Smart
Shannon McLay | Martinis and Your Money
Miranda Marquit |
Doug Goldstein | Rich As a King

For a quick bio of each of our show participants, head on over to our panelists’ page.

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