MTI125: Listener Letters – Tax Advantages of Roth IRA vs Traditional, Using Insider Trading News, and Reallocating ETFs

It’s our favorite time again where we answer your letters.

Scott wants to understand: “By being taxed on deposit into the Roth, I lose out on compounding interest on the taxed portion. Under normal conditions, would the sum of the taxed money with it’s compounding interest be more than if I got taxed on withdrawal from a traditional IRA?”

Justin wants to know how much attention he should give to news of insider trading (the legal kind)?

Michael has $500 a month to invest in his Roth IRA. Which of his 11 funds should he put it towards?

And Hunter asks: “Would it be smarter to split his money into an index fund and my retirement fund each month?”


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Today’s Panelists

Doug Goldstein | Rich As A King
Joe Saul-Sehy |
Linda P. Jones | Be Wealthy and Smart

Miranda Marquit | Student Loan Hero

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