MTI121 REWIND: Mistakes in Investing, with Phil Ash


MTI121 REWIND: Mistakes in Investing, with Phil Ash

Bringing one more blast from the past, Phil Ash shares some of the most common investing mistakes we make that prevent us from maximizing our returns.

Then our panelists discuss their “favorite” mistakes.

About Phil Ash:

Formerly of Baton Investing, a stock-picking app that claims to have beat the market by more than 300% since 2003 and takes just 30 seconds a month to use.

Phil is now President of, a team of top investment analysts seeking to create the finest financial advisory services possible.

You can contact Phil through his website, or on Twitter @PhilAsh

Topics covered include:

•    Major investing mistakes that you might be making, including paying high fees (including for your 401(k)), paying off your mortgage early, letting your emotions rule you, and more
•    How a bucket strategy can help you avoid certain investing mistakes and keep you on the right track
•    How you can avoid the same investing mistakes made by most other investors and see solid returns over time
•    Why the most important thing you can do for your portfolio is to just get started with investing


•    Learn about the great mortgage debate from our Buy vs Rent episode with Jason Hull
•    Find out more about the bucket strategy and time-based investing goals from our episode with Robert Farrington

Today’s Panelists
•    Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds
•    Joe Saul-Sehy | Stacking Benjamins
•    Andrea Travillian | Take a Smart Step

For a quick bio of each of our show participants, head on over to our panelists’ page.

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