MTI116: Answering Your Questions about investing in real estate, diversification and how to retire early


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This episode is just that: Listener Letters with Miranda, Doug, Joe and Linda P. Jones


David 1 writes in with his full portfolio standings, but isn’t contributing to his ESPP because hasn’t seemed like a great option due to the blackout dates + purchase dates have been correlated with Stock increasing the same day. He is also wondering if he should sell his house and put the money in the market.

David 2 wants to make sure the money he inherited is invested properly and if he should fire his investment advisor to save on fees.

Avishai has a disagreement with opinions he heard in Episode 102 about the VIX index.

Another Dave (not related to David 1 or David 2) can’t qualify for a ROTH IRA but wants to know about converting his 401k after leaving his company.

There are other questions and discussions about the good and bad of Betterment, so we know you’ll enjoy listening to the entire episode of the Money Tree Investing Podcast.


Today’s Panelists

Miranda Marquit |
Joe Saul-Sehy |
Linda P. Jones | Be Wealthy and Smart
Doug Goldstein | Profile-Financial

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