MTI112: BitCoin – Investment or Currency? (with Ashe Whitener)


MTI112: BitCoin – Investment or Currency? (with Ashe Whitener)

Crypto-currency is as controversial as the recent Presidential election. Will it become the medium of exchange in the near future?

Ashe Whitener, host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast, explains where Bitcoin came from and how it works.

Interesting points:

•    Bitcoin is a fiat currency
•    There will be a limited number of Bitcoins produced
•    Other crypto-currencies are being created all the time

Our panel members discuss:

•    Will Bitcoin, or other crypto-currencies, become mainstream?
•    Is there a tangible value to a crypto-currency?
•    Should you invest in Bitcoin?
•    In general, is speculation necessary for making markets work?
•    Are we all being sold tulip bulbs?

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Today’s Panelists

Miranda Marquit |
Doug Goldstein |
Joe Saul-Sehy |
Shannon McLay | Martinis and Your Money


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