MTI109: Listener Letters about Big Buyouts, How to Research Stocks, and SRI for Atheists


How are stocks effected when a big buy-out is expected? What are good books to read about value investing? What other sources are there about SRI for an atheist?

We are back for another round of Listener’s Letters:

  • Listener Joe asks if stocks are effected negatively when big buy-outs are likely.
  • Listener Niklas wants to know how to research investments.
  • Listener Scott thinks waiting for a fund price to drop is better than dollar cost averaging. Is he right to wait?
  • Listener David is looking for book recommendations to learn about value investing.
  • And finally, Listener Athena would love to hear other sources addressing SRI that do not use religious standards, such as the ones discussed in episode 97: “The Morality of SRI and Google Cars, with Rabbi Shaya Kaplinsky


Today’s Panelists

Linda P. Jones | Be Wealthy And Smart
Doug Goldstein | Rich As A King
Joe Saul-Sehy | Stacking Benjamins
Miranda Marquit |

For a quick bio of each of our show participants, head on over to our panelists page.

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