MTI097: The Morality of SRI and Google Cars, with Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky


Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky explains how we can still make moral-based investment decisions even when faced with a difficult question like this:

Would you invest in a company that sells self-driving cars if it chose to kill the driver instead of a pedestrian?

People want to think of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) as easy – just choose good stuff. But it can be quite a bit more complicated.

Join Doug Goldstein and Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky in a discussion about believe-based investing and self-driving cars.


To learn more about Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky, visit his website


Today’s Panelists

Doug Goldstein | Goldstein On Gelt
Linda P. Jones | Below Deck Mediterranean on Bravo
Joe Saul-Sehy | Stacking Benjamins

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