MTI078: Pessimistic About the Market? David Holland rests our fears

If advisers can list the serious risks of the market, like the drop in oil prices or possibility the Fed makes a bad decision, how can they still say “Don’t worry. It’ll be OK and you should still invest.”

David Holland puts our fears to rest.

We challenge David’s conviction with the following questions:

  • Do you trust the Fed to make smart decisions to guide the economy now?
  • David says low oil prices are ultimately good for the economy. Is that true?
  • Is an election year good for the stock market?
  • Is the American debt something to worry about, or can we just keep borrowing?

“Don’t bet everything you have on someone else being right – David Holland @PlanSmarter

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  1. Charles Schafer says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear people in finance talk sense about the current financial system’s flaws with logic and understanding. It’s not black vs white. It’s always gray. So thank you.

  2. Someone who believes in facts says:

    Your ignorant rambling on golden parachutes, bailouts, and some assumption that the public ended up with a loss or paid for either of those makes no sense. Don’t just say words and phrases without having any idea what you’re talking about. If you’re point is to educate the public through a podcast, maybe read about the topic first. You are proof that anyone can start a podcast and pretend to be an authority on a topic.

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