MTI043: Buy vs Rent with Jason Hull

Buy vs rent – the constant debate! In this episode we look to the pros and cons of both sides and how to decide if the time is right to buy a home.

Topics covered include:

  • Benefits of owning a home- tax code, forced savings, psychological benefits, security and more.
  • Drawbacks of owing – costs, mobility, growth.
  • How to decide if you should buy or rent.  Including lifestyle, long term goals, expenses and location considerations for buying a home.



Today’s Panelists

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  1. I’d like to talk about my situation before every listener decides to rent for the rest of their lives…

    We (my wife and I) rented in my area of Philadelphia for a year before buying a home around the corner, and I agree with that advice. We could tell the area was changing for the better, and deciding buying would be a really good option for us. We were renting for around $1100 and it was going to go up the next year (2 br, 1 bath). We ended up being able to knock $5k off the price for things that needed to be fixed in the house, and paid around $3k for the repairs. We pay the SAME AMOUNT on our mortgage (for a 2 br, 2.5 bath, twice as much SQFT) as we paid for the apartment, at a fixed 3.5% interest rate.

    We rent the other bedroom to friends at $450/ month (GREAT deal in our neighborhood). Other rental properties at the same size as our home in the area go for around $2,000/month today.

    So my point is this: Even though we’ve had to pay for repairs in our home, we are actually saving around $1,500/month by owning instead of renting the area we like to live in, and building a small amount of equity in the process. If you do it smart, and can have a plan going in, you can save a lot of money by owning vs renting. Just my 2 cents.

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