MTI012: Austrian Economics with Andy Duncan


MTI012: Austrian Economics with Andy Duncan

Great interview with the financial derivatives expert and Austrian economist Andy Duncan about the destruction of money and its effect on the world, with a discussion on the role of capitalism, labor, markets, and the value of capital on the destruction of money.

Andy thoroughly describes and explains the cycle of money in markets, and how the government influences these flows. He talks about the history of money and the effects of the gold standard, as well as possible outcomes to the excessive government spending we see today.

This episode is an eye-opening examination at government monetary policies, as well as an outstanding introduction to the concept of sound money.

The interview with Andy is followed up with a discussion from our panelists, who discuss the effect of “the wealth effect” on themselves and their businesses, the validity of economic value being subjective, and thoughts on the gold standard and government spending.

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

What Has Government Done to Our Money?
The Mystery of Banking
Man, Economy, and State
–Andy’s book: Sword of Marathon
–Andy’s Financial Lectures Website
–“Inside Job” Documentary
–”Fear the Boom and Bust” a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem (Youtube Video)

Panelists In This Episode:

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