MTI004: Larry Ludwig on Asset Allocation


MTI004: Larry Ludwig on Asset Allocation

Today’s interview is with our very own Larry Ludwig from Investor Junkie. As an experienced investor and business owner, Larry has plenty of great insights to share both on the podcast and on his site.

In this episode, we find out about the idea behind Investor Junkie and how Larry implements Asset Allocation to build wealth. He shares his knowledge about fixed income and how an investor can use tactical asset allocation as a successful strategy to shifting markets. We also touch on the low interest rate environment and how investors can still find great investment ideas in today’s market.

I ask Larry about his stance on precious metals and whether an IRA is a smart place for gold. We also get to learn his take on politics, government spending, and the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy. Finally, Larry shares his best investing secret.

Of course, after the interview with Larry we follow up with a panel discussion. You’ll hear Nick’s and Miranda’s strategies for minimizing risk, and each panelist has a different take. We also bring up our different viewpoints on the wealth gap for a fascinating and engaging discussion. You don’t want to miss it.



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