We Are Excited To Have You As A Guest on Money Tree Investing Podcast

I am looking forward to our interview. In order to really make your interview stand out for our listeners, we have provided you with important details to make your experience great.

We will send you a link to the recording shortly. Please click on the link above a few minutes before the designated time. This link will also appear in the google calendar invite I sent earlier.

I would ask that prior to the interview you send over the following information.

  • A Personal Bio - I need a 2-3 sentence bio that we may read for the show. Plus we will have up to a 1-2 paragraph bio that we will put on our website. Please provide these to make it easier for us to introduce you to our audience.
  • Headshot - Please provide us with an image of you to use on our website.
  • Topics - Please provide the topics you would like to discuss on the show. Generally, we have a free-flowing conversation on the show, but I like to know where to drive the questions.
  • Questions - Please provide questions you would like to be asked. You are an expert in your field, which is why we have you on the show, but we may not be. Please think about some good questions we can ask you for a good conversation. Once again we have a free-flowing conversation and may not ask these questions, but it will help drive the conversation.
  • Media Kit (optional) - if you have one.
  • Stories - (optional) Please let me know some good stories you think would be good for the show. You can just have a brief description e.g. "Steve at the boat" and what it relates to. I don't need the whole story, just how it relates to a topic. The listeners love a good story.
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We have had a lot of great guests over the past few years. During that time we have noticed some best practices that make some guest appearances resonate with our listeners better than others. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the guest's knowledge or expertise. The secret sauce comes down to a few things...

  1. Be Heard - Audio Quality is the most important thing you can do when you are coming on this show. Poor audio quality is the biggest complaint from listeners. If your audio quality is poor, people tune out or stop listening to you. We want your interview to be the best it can be. Please use a good mic for the interview. You don't have to buy an expensive mic. The best value-quality mix is the Audio-Technica ATR_2100. The ATR 2100 is a good investment if you do more than a handful of interviews. Make sure you get a pop filter or foam ball windscreen as well to reduce random sounds. Don't use your computer's built-in mic. It tends to be of poor quality for interviews. If you have questions about this or are unsure whether the quality is good enough, send me a recording of you speaking to make sure. Also, make sure there is no background noise when we are recording. This is worse than poor quality audio and distracting for the listeners.
  2. BE Prepared- Please prepare for the show. While we assume you are an expert at the topic we are discussing, you don't want to come across as an amateur because you are not familiar with the content we are discussing. This is not a gotcha interview, and you have plenty of time to prepare. We will send you some additional information prior to the interview to help in your preparation.
  3. Understand our format- One of the bigger mistakes we see people make is that they don't listen to any of our episodes prior to the show. Our format is a bit different from other shows. Our show format starts with an interview, then it moves into a panel discussion. You will only be present for the interview part. Listen to a few shows to get the hang of it. You can find our show archive here.
  4. Understand our Audience - Know your audience. Our audience is composed of people who want to be better investors. They tend to be older, have more formal education degrees, and are moderately experienced with investing. They are looking for new, interesting and unique ways to invest. They are looking to hear from experts like you about your investing opinions. They want to be better investors themselves. If you want to know more about our audience, look at past episodes to see what they are listening to. We can help you if your topic is too far off the mark, but it is important to know what resonates with our listeners.
  5. "It's not you, it's me" - Most guests come on the show to promote themselves and their product. While we understand this, good guests don't overtly do that. Any time a guest comes on and focuses on telling people how great they are, the listeners tune out. No one wants to listen to a sales pitch. The best way to get listeners to contact you is when you provide educational content that helps them. If they see you are an expert, they will contact you. This show is about them, not about us. If you sound like an expert, people will know. Think of TV interviews with experts. They are never pitching themselves. Don't worry. We will give you a chance at the end of the show to promote yourself.
  6. BE entertaining - This is not a requirement, but this is a "show". Listeners are looking to learn new things and they are also looking to be entertained. Boring shows cause people to tune out. Don't worry, most of the entertainment will be driven by the host. However, you should also try to make your content entertaining. This could be from telling good stories, adding humor, or just having good chemistry with the host. What is most important is being yourself. Don't do anything that does not come natural (if you are not naturally funny, then don't try to be funny on the show). Just try to think about any stories that would be interesting for our listeners,
  7. BE Relaxed - Relax and have fun. Think of this as a conversation over coffee, not a job interview. This should be fun, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

Lastly, I'll ask you a favor. Can you go to iTunes and rate our show and leave a comment? This helps our show get more exposure... which will include your episode getting more exposure as well.

If you are having "game time" technical difficulties, you can call me at 617-372-9033.

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