Listener Questions – Stock Buybacks, Investing with ETFs, HSAs for Retirement, and Figuring out When to Sell Your Stocks


The mailbag is full again, so we spent time answering your questions!

Justin asks: Is GM justified with cutting it’s workforce when spending more than $10M buying back shares?

Tyler read that buying small cap funds in a taxable brokerage account isn’t wise because of capital gains. He has been buying small cap ETFs in a regular brokerage account when earning overtime. Should he be concerned?

CJ has heard that HSAs are the holy grail of retirement investing. They already have great insurance through his wife’s government job. Does it make sense to open a high-deductible plan just for the benefit of being able to max out an HSA for retirement purposes?

Antonio understands the benefits of holding investments for the long term but wants to know how to determine the right time to sell.

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Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds

Kirk Chisholm | Innovative Wealth

Joseph Hogue | Let’s Talk Money on YouTube

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