How to Invest in Tax Liens with Melanie Finnegan


How to Invest in Tax Liens with Melanie Finnegan

When property taxes aren’t paid, tax liens can be levied against the property.

The liens are then sold to investors. If the liens are not paid within a certain amount of time, the investor can push to have foreclosure initiated, thus collecting at least the interest and principal of the original investment.

Our guest, Melanie Finnegan of Tax Lien Wealth Solutions, explains there is a difference between a tax lien and a tax deed, and that there are two types of markets: Primary and secondary markets.

To learn more, listen to the interview and stick around for the panel discussion where we learn how tax liens fit into an investment portfolio.

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Today’s guest, Melanie Finnegan:

Melanie Finnegan is Founder and CEO of Tax Lien Wealth Solutions, a service that provides portfolio management, coaching, and mentoring tax liens and tax deeds.

To learn more or watch a video, visit their website at


Today’s Panelists:

Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds
Kirk Chisholm | Innovative Wealth
Joseph Hogue | Let’s Talk Money YouTube channel


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