How Do Bloggers Make Money? Zero to Financial Independence in 1 Year


How Do Bloggers Make Money? Zero to Financial Independence in 1 Year

Have you ever been sitting in your job wondering how you could quit and be financially independent? You are in for a treat. Logan Allec became financially independent in one year from blogging. This is a great episode if you have ever wondered, how do blogger make money? Ever thought of becoming a blogger or content creator for a living yourself?

Its not all sunshine and rainbows, but Logan shares some of his secrets and shows you how he did it.

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Today's Guest: Logan Allec

Logan Allec is the founder of Money Done Right, a personal finance website devoted to helping everyday Americans live happier lives by giving them actionable ideas on building, growing, and maintaining wealth. Money Done Right is an affiliate partner with over 100 brands, primarily in the fintech space.  Before becoming an Internet entrepreneur, Logan was a practicing CPA with a multinational professional services firm serving large, publicly-traded companies. His experience helping large corporations save millions of dollars in taxes inspired him to help everyday people lead better financial lives as well. This desire became his motivation for founding Money Done Right in July 2017 as a hobby and then a side hustle while he was still working at a CPA firm. Within eight months of launching, Logan quit his day job and started working full-time on Money Done Right.


Logan has been recognized as a personal finance, tax, and credit expert in publications such as CNBC, USA Today, MarketWatch, U.S. News & World Report, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, and more.  Living in the Los Angeles area with his also-entrepreneurial wife Caroline and his son Hunter, Logan enjoys playing basketball at the gym and exploring local hikes. He’s also been known to be quite competitive at board games.

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